What Is Soffit Lighting and Why Is It Important?

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You've heard the term, but what is it really? Make sure you click here to learn more about soffit lighting and why your home needs it.

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Did you know that you can increase your lighting efficiency by about 80% using LED lighting? You can achieve this by using both interior and exterior soffit lighting that uses LED accent lights and LED ceiling lights. But what is soffit lighting and why is it important?

Well, in this post, we will learn more about soffit lighting and why your home needs it.

What Is Soffit Lighting?

Soffit lighting is a new trend in interior and exterior architectural lighting for both residential and commercial applications. A soffit is a portion of ceiling built lower than the surrounding area. And soffit lighting is any lighting that is placed in these areas.

Examples of soffits are:

  • Roof overhangs
  • Ceilings dropped along the edges
  • Kitchen cabinet underside

You can build a soffit by yourself or consult an expert.

Why You Need Soffit Lighting

Wondering why you should use LED soffit lighting as compared to traditional lights? Here are a number of reasons:

It Accentuates Particular Parts of a Room

You can do this by having ambient lighting that bounces off the ceiling through the use of both cove and valance lighting that is recessed to the ceiling or track lighting directed to the wall. Soffit lighting can also help accentuate artwork lighting or focus on particular architectural elements like the fireplace.

It Offers Soft Lighting

Have you ever walked into a room and closed your eyes because the lighting was too harsh for your eyes? Well, with soffit lighting, you don’t have to suffer anymore. The LED lighting is soft and friendly to the eyes.

It Saves Money and Energy Consumption

Imagine saving extra money each month? The LED soffit lighting is known for saving up to 90% in energy consumption. Reduced energy usage translates to lower energy costs and more money to your pocket.

Longevity and Durability

Tired of always having to budget for new lighting bulbs? Because soffit lighting uses LED lighting, this should be a thing of the past. Compared to glass lights, LED soffit lighting is unbreakable and has a long life, with some lasting over 100,000 hours of continuous lighting.

It Increases Aesthetic Value

Sometimes you can get into a room and marvel at its beauty and how the lighting is intricate! Soffit lighting has this kind of effect. The different way the lights are positioned brings out beautiful patterns and increases the aesthetic value of the building or house.

Cost of Installation

Wondering about the cost of soffit lighting installation?

The initial cost is relatively high and varies with the kind of lighting you want. For instance, if you're going to install a pot light, the cost may vary between $100 to $200 a light. In most cases, the price is exclusive of other charges such as wiring.

Wrapping Up

Various trends in architectural designs, like soffit lighting, emerge every day and get embraced in different circles. This type of lighting may be expensive to install, but the benefits are well worth it in the long run.

To explore more about this concept, visit our website and get all your questions answered.

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