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An image of soffit ceiling.
An image of soffit ceiling.

Summertime DIY: How to Install a Soffit Ceiling for Your Front Porch

Is the ceiling on your front porch looking dingy? It maybe time for a new ceiling! Click to learn how to DIY a new soffit ceiling for your front porch.

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy sitting out on your front porch in the sunshine. What should be a relaxing summer pastime can be ruined by an old, dingy front porch ceiling.

Luckily, replacing your ceiling with a soffit porch ceiling is a project you can take on yourself. Are you ready to get started on this summertime DIY project?

Keep reading to learn more about installing a soffit ceiling for your front porch.

An image of what is soffit and fascia.
An image of what is soffit and fascia.

What Is Soffit and Fascia? Most Common Terms You Need to Know for Your Next DIY Project

Are you attempting to work on a DIY project, but you're wondering, "what is soffit and fascia?" Click to learn the terms you need to know!

There are a lot of DIY don't's out there, and one of the biggest ones is attempting a DIY project without knowing what you're working with.

We've helped you with projects like DIY downspout installation and we're back to help you again!

If you're renovating or constructing a roof, you've probably noticed two terms over and over: soffit and fascia.

What is soffit and fascia? Read on to find out more!

An image of home maintenance.
An image of home maintenance.

Essential Outdoor Home Maintenance Tasks That Are Often Overlooked

Does your home's exterior need a facelift? Try these essential outdoor home maintenance tasks that are often overlooked!

Your home is most likely the biggest, most valuable investment you own. What are you doing to make sure it keeps its value? Home maintenance not only makes your home look great. Without regular proactive measures, your home's value could drop as much as 10%. Don't just focus on the upkeep inside the home. Here are seven essential outdoor maintenance tasks that you shouldn't forget about.