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An image of eaves and soffits.
An image of eaves and soffits.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Eaves and Soffits the Right Way!

Painting the exterior of your house shouldn't feel daunting. These tips on painting the eaves and soffits of your house will make your work look professional!

Don't get your paintbrush ready just yet! There are some steps we have to take before we get into painting your eaves and soffits if you want to prevent painting fails.

We're going to go over and teach you everything you need to know about painting soffits

Keep reading to learn how to paint your eaves and soffits with our step by step guide.

An image of hiring painters.
An image of hiring painters.

Hiring Painters 101: When to Go Pro or to Say No

Do you want to paint your home but are unsure if you should be doing it yourself or hiring painters? Let this article help you make the right decision!

So you're thinking about painting your home. Great idea! But, before you decide to paint it yourself, you might want to think this through.

Did you know that more than 300 people die each year in the U.S. from ladder accidents? If you're going to paint your home, will you have to get on a ladder? If so, are you willing to take this risk?

Painting your house yourself certainly offers a way to save money, but should you do it? Hiring painters to do the work is often a better option, and here are some reasons why.

An image of clearning soffit.
An image of clearning soffit.

How to Clean Soffits: Can You Use a Pressure Washer?

Dirty soffits make the rest of the house look bad. Keep reading below to learn how to clean soffits and whether or not you can do it with a pressure washer.

It's always cool to see a pressure washer at work, there's something about watching it spray away all that dirt that's so cleansing.

However fun it may be, sometimes pressure washers can get a little out of hand and cause more damage than good.

Keeping reading to learn how to clean soffits the right way, without ruining them.