How to Clean Vinyl Siding (The Right Way)

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Is the exterior of your home looking a bit shabby? Make sure you click here to learn how to clean vinyl siding (the right way).

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You love your home but are starting to feel like your vinyl siding looks dirty, dingy, and gross.

The good news is that you don't have to leave it that way. You can clean it, and it will look great if you learn how to clean vinyl siding the right way.

Did you know that vinyl siding is the most popular exterior material used on homes? It is so popular because of its cost, durability, and looks. It's also popular because it's cleanable.

If you want to improve your home's looks, follow these tips to learn how to clean vinyl siding the right way.

How to Clean Vinyl Siding: Make a Natural Cleaner

You can buy products designed for cleaning vinyl siding, but these products do not work any better than solutions you can make at home. You can use a variety of solutions to clean your siding properly, and here are a few ideas:


Mixing equal parts of vinegar and warm water is the first solution you can use for cleaning your siding the right way. Vinegar is an affordable ingredient that you can purchase anywhere, and you can use it in so many ways.

Dish Soap

The second option is using dish soap with warm water. Mixing in some dish soap with warm water creates the perfect solution for cleaning your siding.

Laundry Soap

You can also use laundry soap with warm water to clean your siding. You should choose a mild product that does not contain any bleach.

Gather the Right Supplies

After choosing your solution, you should work on gathering the right supplies. Here is a list of the supplies you'll need:

  • Soft cloths or a soft-bristled cleaning brush
  • Bucket with your cleaning solution
  • Ladder
  • Water hose

Once you have those items together, you can start cleaning your vinyl siding.

Follow These Steps

Here are the steps to follow as you clean your siding:

  1. Rinse a section of your siding with the water hose
  2. Brush the area with the cloth or brush dipped in the solution
  3. Start at the bottom of your home and work your way up
  4. Rinse each section after cleaning it

As you're cleaning your siding, you may also want to take the time to clean your soffits and fascia. You might even want to clean your gutters at this time, too, since you'll have all the supplies out that you need.

Once you finish, you might be surprised at how good your siding looks after it dries.

Learn More About Exterior Options

Learning how to clean vinyl siding is essential if you have this material on your home. If you start cleaning it and realize that it is worn-out, it might be time for you to consider replacing it.

If you would like to learn more about replacing it with new siding or another material, contact us. We can help you improve your home's looks by helping you choose and maintain the right materials for your home's exterior.

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