How To Match A Doggie Door With Siding Panels And Soffit

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A doggie door is not just that. Learn how to match your doggie's door with siding panels and soffit.

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It is important to provide our canine companions with the best care and lots of love. One way to do this is to provide your furry companion with a doggie door. A doggie door is not just a doggie door.  Installing one is important to match your doggie's door with vinyl side panels and soffit. This helps the doggie door to last longer and with fewer repairs. Keep reading to find out the best way to match and which material to choose for a doggie door with soffit vinyl side panels.

First Step: Take Measurements

Before you begin this project, it's important to take proper measurements of your pet. Make sure to clear 2 inches above their shoulders for the doggie door.

Second Step: Where To Install

Next, choose where you wish to install the doggie door.

While most doggie doors are installed in doors, many are installed in vinyl sliding walls.

When it comes to side vinyl panels and soffit, the installation is a bit different.
Choosing the right soffit material for your doggie door is important.

You want to choose the material that fits the overall design of your home.

Third Step: How to Install

How you install the doggie door is different in a metal door vs. in soffit vinyl side panels.

When installing in a metal door, it is important to have the correct tools on hand as well as to take the above steps before starting your work.

When installing it in a vinyl side panel, it is a bit easier. It is also important to have the correct tools on hand before beginning.

When choosing what vinyl soffit to use for the doggie door, try to match it with the pre-existing side panels.

This will help you choose the right soffit material for you and your dog.

Why Choose Soffit?

Soffit has many different materials it can be made of, such as steel, wood, and vinyl.

Vinyl soffit is one of the most popular types used for doggie doors. This is because it has the appearance of painted wood, and is practically maintenance-free.

Vinyl soffit is a popular choice as it the recommended material when installing a doggie door in a wall. Along with easy installation, soffit allows for proper air ventilation in your home and through your doggie door.

This is good for everyone's overall health and the maintenance of your home.

To Do It Yourself Or Not?

It is a very simple process to install your own doggie door.

Once you choose the soffit that matches your style, as well as needs, this process can be done within two days.

Soffit is easy to find for your project, and your canine companion will appreciate the new doorway to freedom.

Visit our website to find out more about the different soffit materials, how to choose the right one for your home, and more.



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