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An image of choosing vinyl siding.
An image of choosing vinyl siding.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Vinyl Siding

If you are considering installing vinyl siding in your home, certain information can make the process easier. Ask these questions before choosing vinyl siding.

Are you considering installing vinyl siding at home?

This affordable and low-maintenance option is quickly growing in popularity. And, depending on your budget and preferences, it might be your best bet.

An image of soffit siding.
An image of soffit siding.

Soffit vs Siding: Which Do You Install First?

Soffit or siding: which should you install first? The answer may surprise you. If you're unsure of the answer to this question, click here to learn more!

With homeownership comes the responsibility of home maintenance.

There are a lot that goes into the upkeep of a home such as roofing, painting, and soffit siding. But have you ever wondered which order you should be installing soffit and siding?

Read along to learn more about soffit and siding and the correct order to apply the two.

An image of when should you replace siding.
An image of when should you replace siding.

When Should You Replace the Siding of Your Home?

When should you replace the siding of your home? There are a few clear signs you can count on. Click here to learn more below.

Your home's curb appeal can quickly diminish if you do not take care of its exterior. Oftentimes we focus on the interior when it comes to decorating. The outside focus is primarily on the upkeep of the lawn and planting new flowers in springtime.

Asking when should you replace siding on a house? Now is the time to go out and take a good look at your home.

Is the paint fading or stained from the sprinkler water hitting the house? Is the stucco finish cracking? Maybe the vinyl siding is fading or starting to detach from the house.

Even if there is no apparent damage to the exterior walls, you may realize the home simply needs an upgrade.

Are you thinking your home's exterior needs a makeover? Keep reading for reasons you need to replace the siding on your home.