Picking the Best Exterior Soffit Lighting for Your Home

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Picking the best exterior soffit lighting is important in giving your home the type of individuality and practicality you need for day to day maintenance.

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Finding ways to improve your home raises its value on the market. Even if you don't plan to sell your house sometime in the future, those changes make your home feel more luxurious to live in. A simple yet striking way to bring new life to your home is by adding exterior soffit lighting. This lighting technique is a unique way to customize your home and give it a special feel. If you're looking for inspiration, then keep reading. Listed down below is everything you need to know to pick the best outdoor soffit lighting for your home.

Direct Lighting

The most common type of lighting we're used to seeing on the exterior of buildings is direct lighting. This is when the light is focused and bright enough to light up an object or a specific area. These outdoor soffit lighting fixtures sit on the soffit itself so provide the brightest and unhindered light effect.

It's a great way to light up walkways for safer nighttime strolls or to bring focus to a place you want to show off, such as a garden. It's also good for providing extra security to ward off potential burglars.

This type of lighting is best used sparingly and in specific areas so that the effect isn't overwhelming.

Indirect Lighting

Some homeowners prefer to have a softer glow around the soffit of their entire home. This is best achieved with indirect lighting. This style makes use of under soffit lighting, rather than sitting on the soffit directly.

This style provides plenty of soft light that doesn't focus on any particular point around your home.

Sometimes it's best to mix the two styles of lighting so that you get the best of both worlds. It all depends on the needs of your home and its design.

Color and Vibrancy

With each of these lighting styles, you have many options when it comes to color and brightness. Even indirect lighting can bring ample lighting to your walkways if you use stronger bulbs under the soffit. Dim down your direct lighting with weaker bulbs if you find the effect too strong.

Colored bulbs are the best way to get a new feel of atmosphere to your entire home.

The traditional colors of exterior bulbs are yellow and white, but if you want to light up your backyard with something interesting, why not try purple? Red is perfect to add a bit of romance into the mix. If you don't want to choose a single color, then get a soffit lighting fixture that changes colors through an app, or on a set timer!

Use Exterior Soffit Lighting to Add Ambiance

Many people around the world are embracing home improvement so the options available are limitless. Exterior soffit lighting is the unsung hero of the many trending projects. This one small change adds safety, extra security, and beauty to your home. If you're looking for something to elevate the exterior of your house, then give soffit lighting a chance!

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