How To Clean Window Screens Properly When You Have Soffit Installed

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Window screens require maintenance. Discover how to clean your window screens when you have soffit installed.

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There is nothing worse than having a great view outside of your window but not being able to see it because it's so dirty! Sometimes even when the actual window is clean, the screen is blocking the beautiful view! Cleaning the window screens is an often forgotten chore that can make a big difference. Though it may seem daunting because you don't want to cause damage to the soffit, siding, or window itself, we've gathered a few tips for the most effective and productive chore.

The average American spends a few hundred dollars each month on home repairs and maintenance. This is an easy job that has big results for little cost.

Removing the Screen and Avoiding Soffit

The first step to cleaning a window screen is to remove it from the window. That may sound very simple but this is the step where most problems can be caused.

Window screens are designed to fit very tight into the window so they can do their job and protect the house when the window is open from bugs and other things getting in. So you generally have to use a little force to get the screen-free.

Each window screen has a different mechanism, but there is usually some type of tab that you can pull to help release it.

As you use your strength to get it out, it's important to go straight out and be careful not to run it into anything. Depending on what the soffit is made of, there could be some damage if it is struck by the screen border.

The screen itself is rather delicate, so you need to take care not to rip it in this process.

Wash the Screen

Washing a window screen is actually a pretty straight forward job. But there are definite steps that help you do the best job possible.

After you remove the screens they should be laid down on a tarp in the yard. This step is sometimes overlooked but it is very helpful for keeping the screens as clean as possible while washing.

Then the screens should be sprayed down with water, a hose works great for this. After they've been sprayed, a wet rag or brush should be gently rubbed along the whole screen, focusing on areas with bugs or other debris stuck inside.

A gentle cleanser, like dish soap, can help with those trickier spots.

The screens should then be left to dry and then carefully reinstalled into their windows. And you're done!

Enjoy the Windows

The typical house has at least eight windows. That can either be a lot of natural light and pretty outside views. Or it can be a lot of dirt and grime to look at.

Cleaning the screens on windows really does not take a lot of time, effort, or money. But it can improve the overall look and feel of your house. Both inside and out.

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