Aluminum vs Wood Soffit: Which One Is Better for Your Home?

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Before you can install soffit, you have to choose the best type for your home. Keep reading below to learn whether you should buy aluminum or wood soffit.

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If you're adding or replacing a soffit to your home, you want to choose the best material for the job. Your home's soffit is an essential part of your roof. It provides many critical services for your house, including ventilation. The soffit can also add a decorative touch to your home, depending on the material and design.

How can you know which material is best? When choosing between aluminum or wood soffit, consider a few things.


Much like other parts of your home's exterior, soffits require maintenance.

When choosing the best material for soffits, consider the time and expense to maintain the look and functionality of this part of your home.

Soffits require cleaning to allow proper ventilation. You might also need to repair a portion of your soffit in case of damage.

Aluminum soffits are simple to clean and don't require paint or staining. In general, most aluminum soffits maintain their look well over time.

Wooden soffits can be difficult to maintain. Like any other exterior wood feature, these kinds of soffits can rot or sustain damage due to sun exposure and weather.


You want your home's soffit to either blend in well with your home or add a distinguishing feature to your home's curb appeal.

If you're going for looks, wood soffits can add character and appeal. Wood offers plenty of design and color options that can work with any property.

If you change your mind on the color, or you buy a home with a wood soffit, a fresh coat of paint can update the color of the soffit.

Aluminum soffits, however, offer fewer design options. If you prefer the soffit to blend into the home's appearance, an aluminum soffit in a neutral color might be best.


The final decision on the material you choose for your soffit could come down to cost.

The cost of adding a soffit to your home is worth the expense. However, if you need to stay within a budget, the type of material can either add more expense or reduce your costs.

Costs for soffits include the type of material plus the work involved to craft and install for your home. However, when considering the cost of a new soffit, be sure you factor in the expense of repairs down the road.

Wood soffits are generally more expensive than aluminum. When your wood soffit needs repairs, it can also be more expensive compared to repairing aluminum. Matching the wood and finishing a repair to match the rest of the soffit can be costly.

Weigh the Factors of Aluminum vs. Wood Soffit

A well-done wood soffit adds beauty and function to your home, while aluminum can be more cost-efficient and easily maintained.

When choosing between aluminum or wood, weigh the factors of cost, aesthetic, and maintenance.

How does a soffit fit into your roof structure? To learn more about the parts of a home's soffit, read our article detailing the majors parts of a roof.

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