Great Gutter Alternatives for Your Home

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Want to make sure that your house is protected from rainwater but not sure if gutters are the right choice? Then check out our guide to gutter alternatives.

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Most homes in the U.S. will see some sort of rain or snow every year. It's only natural that your home has rain gutters. Rain gutters collect rainwater and then guide it away from your house. Without them, you could be dealing with mold, water damage, costly repairs, and more. What if you're not happy with the way your gutters look? What if you need to change the type of gutter on your house to deal with your region's unique challenges? There are plenty of gutter alternatives with both purchase and DIY options.

Check out these choices and see which one is the right fit for you.

Hidden Gutters

Hidden gutters are just what the name suggests. They are mounted nearly flush with the home, blending in completely.

They can handle heavy storms and don't require as much upkeep as traditional rain gutters. Just keep an eye on the seams which can suffer stress if there's a lot of temperature fluctuations.

French Drain

A French drain involves burying a perforated pipe at an angle and covering it with gravel. When it rains, the water goes through the gravel, into the pipe holes, and because the pipe is angled, it travels away from the house.

This is a long-lasting, sturdy alternative to gutters. Once it's installed, you don't have to do too much upkeep on it and it won't freeze on you.

The one drawback is that it can be costly to pay someone to install it right. If you want to do it yourself, it takes some time to properly put it in.

Rain Chain

Rain chains have been a popular rain gutter alternative in Japan for hundreds of years. They're an elegant solution for anyone who doesn't want downspouts on their home.

Rain gently trickles down the chain and collects in a barrel to be used later for watering plants, birdbaths, and more. They can't handle heavy downpours however so if you live in an area with a lot of storms, keep that in mind.

Rain Dispersal System

If you're looking for a rain diverter instead of gutters, there are plenty of rain dispersal systems you can use. One popular method involves installing louvers on your roof.

The louvers are corrugated, open-top flat metal edges. The water's force is broken up by the ridges and debris has less chance of getting stuck because it's open on top.

This is one of the easiest systems to install by yourself. Just be mindful where you send the runoff so that it doesn't puddle at the base of your home and damage your foundation.

Great Gutter Alternatives

These are just a few of the great gutter alternatives you can find. They're not one size fits all, so keep your home's unique needs in mind.

There's more you can do to improve the rain gutters on your home. From DIY projects to complete overhauls, make sure you're keeping your home clean and safe.

Check out all of our rain gutter articles for more inspiration!

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