Best Exterior Siding Options to Invest in

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Construction projects today offer more materials that are safe and durable than ever before. The world of exterior siding has benefitted a lot compared to options even thirty years ago.

Since then, fiber cement siding is used about 20% of the time in new construction. Does that mean that you should? There's a lot to go into it.

To help you, we've gathered the top 5 best exterior siding options today.

Wood Siding

If you believe in knocking on wood for good luck, you'll have a lot of it if you choose wood siding. There's nothing that beats the authenticity of wood siding. Whether alternatives like fiber cement siding that look like wood, or engineered wood siding, it's hard to fake.

No matter if it is wood shingles, tongue-and-groove, or log siding—wood is here to stay as a siding material. At least as a classic.

Brick Siding

Another classic, but tried and true, is brick. Today there are many more insulation treatments that can keep it as efficient as it is pretty. If you have some new construction but want to match an older east-coast neighborhood, it's also a good option.

You by no means have to stick to old red brick. Cinderblock construction is durable but expensive to install. It doesn't have the classic look of red bricks, but in a hurricane, it's second to none.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding might not be the best idea in hurricane-prone areas, but compared to most other siding options it's cheap to replace damaged sections. If you do go this route, make note you likely will have quite of few of those.

While aluminum doesn't rot and isn't prone to corrosion, it does dent and becomes marred easily, like aluminum gutters if not maintained. A fresh coat of paint usually does the trick, though.

Fiber Cement Siding

A newer contender for the hearts of America and beyond, fiber cement has been on the scene since about 1985. It has been turning heads ever since. It takes little maintenance and can be formed with virtually any texture.

This makes it ideal as a siding, along with its 1A fire rating and lasting durability. We're pretty confident this might be your first pick, although it can be difficult and costly to install. We recommend having a professional for this one.

Vinyl Siding

Another pretty siding option is Vinyl. Durable but also easy to damage, vinyl is a cheap and effective siding option that doesn't rot. It can be an easy DIY project to install.

The down-side of exterior siding is that it hides mold easily, cracks under pressure, and if overheated releases harmful toxins into the environment. On the positive side, it comes in almost any color or texture you could hope for.

Exterior Siding: All Closed Up

Exterior siding is probably the last thing you think about from day to day, but it keeps your home warm, cool, and upright. It also keeps it beautiful and attractive!

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