Common Misconceptions Of Steel Siding And Soffit

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There are plenty of misconceptions about steel siding and soffit. However, in this article - all of those waning confusions leave the air.

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According to Siding Magazine, steel siding is 100% recyclable after use. This great siding option is not only great for you home, it's a big help to the environment! Your siding and soffits need to work together to make your home look as beautiful as possible. Read on to learn all about misconceptions about steel siding and how you can make it mesh well with your soffits.

What Are Soffits?

Despite their ubiquitous presence in modern houses, not everyone knows what soffit panels are. Between the roof and your walls, soffits are installed to regulate airflow.

Soffit siding allows heated air to escape from your attic in the summer. Without soffits, your attic can become superheated and damage your roof.

Misconceptions About Steel Siding

There are several old myths about steel siding. Unfortunately, people who have believed these myths have missed out on the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic product.

Some people think that steel siding lacks durability. When you think about it, this doesn't really make sense.

It is common knowledge that steel is a robust and durable material. Where does this myth come from then? Funnily enough, people mix up aluminum and steel siding, simply because they're both grey metals.

The truth is, modern steel siding is impressively strong, and will resist fire and insects far better than other siding options. Modern techniques also make this steel resistance to scratches and dents. All told, you can expect a good steel siding job to last you as long as 50 years.

Another idea people have about steel siding is that it fades. This is not as much a misconception as it is simply outdated. It's true that older, less technologically advanced steel was more susceptible to fading.

Modern steel enjoys the help of advanced pigments and resins that allow it to stay looking brand new for many years. Modern steel can look great whether painted or left as it is.

Another outdated idea about steel siding is that it lacks style. Old steel siding jobs were flat and featureless, so this made sense at the time. These days, steel can be shaped into all kinds of shapes and appearances.

If you're considering wood siding, you might think about a steel imitation instead. Wood grain steel can provide all the aesthetics of wood, with much better durability.

Coordinating Your Siding and Soffits

A steel siding and soffit combination can look perfect if planned correctly. When you're deciding on colors and styles, remember to match your choices to your roof as well. These three, the roof, the siding, and the soffits, all have to blend harmoniously.

Make sure that you either use matching or complementary colors for your choices. If you use matching colors, consider using contrasting textures. For example, you might use a wood-textured steel siding and a smooth-textured soffit combination.

Pick the Right Soffits for Your Siding and Home

We hope you learned something help about soffits and steel siding in this brief piece.

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