Coordinating the Best Exterior House Paint Colors to Match

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While it is one thing to choose exterior house paint colors, it is a whole different ballgame when it comes to coordinating them as well.

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People make a judgment about your home within 30 seconds of seeing it. This means you have less than a minute to make a good first impression. Choose the wrong color scheme, and your home's curb appeal is lost. While exterior house paint colors have trends from year to year, some colors remain in style. These color schemes last because they are beautiful and have broad appeal. If you're ready to update your home's exterior, consider these house exterior paint ideas.

Elements of Your Home's Exterior Color Scheme

When selecting exterior paint colors, you need to consider the different elements of your home's exterior. To create a beautiful effect, you need to choose several different colors that complement and contrast with each other.

This will highlight different elements of your home's exterior, including:

  • Siding
  • Front door
  • Shutters
  • Window and door trim
  • Railings and Spindles
  • Soffit

The primary colors of your home will be the siding and the roof. Since you can't paint your roof, consider its color when choosing the main paint color of your home.

Your front door color may be chosen for you if you have a wood or glass door. Otherwise, this is your chance to highlight the front entryway of your home. The shutters, trim, and railings are all accenting elements to your home.


You can't go wrong with the traditional approach of using varying shades of neutrals. Shades of brown, beige, tan, and off-white are a smart choice if you're looking to sell your home. These colors blend well with the natural landscape.

For the best look, choose a darker shade for the siding and lighter shades for the accents.


Shades of grey are a sleek alternative to the tans. This is another neutral color that comes in a wide variety of shades. It also pairs beautifully with white and black.

You could choose a darker shade of grey for your siding. Then use a crisp white for your trim. Or switch things up with a light grey on the siding and black for the trim.


Blue is the overwhelmingly most popular favorite color among humans. So paint your house this color, and you're setting yourself up for broad appeal. It doesn't matter if you choose a dark navy or a pale robin's egg, both will look elegant with white trim.


A bright sunny yellow will give off the impression that your home is a happy and welcoming place. Be careful when choosing your yellow, though. Too close to a primary shade and you risk your home looking juvenile.

You can pair your yellow siding with white, black, grey, or any combination of the three.

Choose Your Exterior House Paint Colors

Consider these exterior house paint colors when deciding what color to paint your home. Remember, you'll need to check with your local ordinances and HOA to confirm that the color you pick is allowed.

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