Soffit Ventilation: How Soffit Vents Keep the House Safe and Cool

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Learn how to keep the whole house safe and cooler through soffit ventilation. Plus, learn how to start a project adding soffit vents to your home.

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How much are your utility bills?

The average person spends about 7% of their annual income on utilities. That's a huge chunk of change!

Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to lower those bills. And one of them is to take better care of your roof. Soffit vents allow more airflow to your attic, cooling your roof down and keeping moist air out.

In this article, let's take a closer look at soffit ventilation and why it's a game changer on your utility bill.

What Is A Soffit Vent?

A soffit is a material that covers the gap between your roof overhang and the exterior walls of your home. They're usually made of the same material as the siding on the home. 

The main purpose of a soffit is to protect the underside of the roof overhang. It fills the space and keeps critters out. Plus, it gives the roof a more polished, finished look.

Soffit vents connect the soffit to the attic. They bring fresh air from outside into the attic space.

Here's Why You Need Soffit Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation is an important part of a long-lived roof. And nobody wants to replace their roof! Here are a few of the major benefits of soffit ventilation.

Cold Weather Problem: Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams form when warm air sits inside your attic and melts the snow on top of the roof. As the snow melts, the water runs off the roof and then freezes in thick dams along the edge of your home.

These ice formations can get really thick over a long winter. And they can tear away gutters and shingles. Plus, they can fall on your head if you're walking beneath them.

Using soffit vents helps move air through your attic better. This keeps that warm air from melting the snow in a certain area of your roof and helps prevent ice dams.

Any Weather Problem: Get Rid Of Rot

Along with that warm air comes moisture. An attic that isn't properly ventilated is often a moist attic. And that moisture leads to rot.

Exposing your grandmother's old photo albums to moisture is one thing. But when this moisture invades the roof sheathing or the insulation, you've got a big problem. Keep your roof safe from rot with good air flow provided by soffit vents.

Warm Weather Problem: Save Money On Cooling

If you've ever been inside an attic in the heat of summer, you know how hot it can get up there.

The cooler your attic, the cooler the rest of your house is. Which mean less money out of your pocket for air conditioning! Proper ventilation takes care of this.

And if you're worried that ventilating your attic will allow cold or hot air into your home, don't be. The ceilings below the attic are insulated to keep this from happening.

Drop Those Utility Bills With Soffits

Soffit ventilation is the perfect way to improve airflow to your roof. Increased airflow means fewer issues with ice and moisture damage. And it saves you money over time by keeping your entire home cooler.

So what are you waiting for! Visit our website today to learn more about how you can install soffit vents into your soffits.

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