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An image of how to build a soffit.
An image of how to build a soffit.

How to Build Soffit: The Best Guide for the Best Results

You can learn how to build a soffit in a matter of hours or even minutes if you have the right information. Find out how our guide can help you now.

When you are trying to do right by your home, you need to learn the additions that will be worthwhile.

In this regard, a soffit might be just what you are looking for. This is a type of structure that is situated above your kitchen cabinets and between the ceiling.

People build soffit both for aesthetic reasons and as a means to neatly and cleanly store wires and ducts. If you are considering installing one of these structures, learning how to build soffit could be a great DIY project for you.

An image of soffit ventilation.
An image of soffit ventilation.

Soffit Ventilation: How Soffit Vents Keep the House Safe and Cool

Learn how to keep the whole house safe and cooler through soffit ventilation. Plus, learn how to start a project adding soffit vents to your home.

How much are your utility bills?

The average person spends about 7% of their annual income on utilities. That's a huge chunk of change! 

Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to lower those bills. And one of them is to take better care of your roof. Soffit vents allow more airflow to your attic, cooling your roof down and keeping moist air out.

An image of soffit lighting.
An image of soffit lighting.

Soffit Lighting 101: Your Guide to Installing Soffit Lights

Soffit lighting adds a wonderful home accent and is surprisingly easy to do! Our guide shares how to install outdoor soffit lights and helpful resources.

Recessed soffit lighting can dramatically transform the presentation of your home. What might've once been a dark corner can suddenly become a fresh and inviting space simply when the lighting is changed.

The soffits of your home are blank canvases on which you can create beautiful enhancements with the addition of lighting. Installing soffit lighting is easy and fairly inexpensive.

Keep reading to determine what kind of soffit lighting works best for your home.