Tips to Help in Picking the Right Paint Color for Your Interior

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Choosing interior paint colors for your home can be simple. Here are tips to help in picking the right paint color for your interior painting.

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Painting a room should be fun, not painful. When you decide to take on a painting project, many ideas might be swarming your mind. However, this can make painting a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing paint colors. If you're ready to paint a room, but struggling with picking the right paint color, here are some tips to get you started.


Though it has little to do with choosing the color, preparation is key.

First, you'll want to make sure you have all the supplies for painting: tarps, paintbrushes and rollers, primer, painters tape, and more if you feel it's necessary. This way, you'll have everything you need when you're ready to begin painting.

Pick a Color Scheme

There are several different ways to choose a color.

You can find inspiration from objects in the room. For example, a painting, a piece of furniture, pillows, or anything that you enjoy. Use the colors or patterns in these objects to inspire you.

If you don't have anything that inspires you, draw from the current color scheme in your room. You can choose something complimentary or match.

Be sure to bring your source of inspiration to the paint store when choosing your paint color.

In general, certain colors work better in different rooms. For example, try to use calming colors for the bedroom, brighter colors for the kitchen, and neutrals for living spaces.

Choose What You Like

You don't have to adhere to a color scheme or use any inspiration in your room at all. If you start with a color you like, you can take it in any direction you want.

If you like a specific color, try several different shades and see which one works the best.


Once you choose a color, it's time to see which color works best.

The only way to see which color you like is to take home samples. Most paint and home improvement stores will allow you to take home paint samples. You can use these samples by painting small sections on the wall in the room you're painting.


The paint finishes you select will have a big impact on the way it works in the room with the light.

There are several different paint finishes.

The main types of finishes are:

High Gloss: extremely durable with a high sheen and works in almost any room, especially a kitchen

Semi-gloss: also durable and shiny, but not as much as high gloss

Eggshell: somewhat durable, works well in low traffic places, and with zero shine

Satin: durable, but likely to show paint lines, works in high traffic areas

Matte: This finish has no shine, and is perfect for touch-ups

The color will impact the sheen. If your color is darker, stay away from finishes that have a lot of shine.

Are You Picking the Right Paint Color?

Picking the right paint color doesn't have to be hard! Once you know what you want, go for it, and if it doesn't work, you can always change it!

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