Fun Things About Rain Gutters You Did Not Know

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We rarely think of rain gutters as an interesting topic of conversation to trot out at. Here are 7 fun things about rain gutters you did not know.

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You likely already know that rain gutters are extremely beneficial to you as a homeowner. Not only do they protect your home from water damage, but they also prevent erosion and ensure your landscaping goes undamaged. Beyond the basics, how much do you really know about rain gutters? Of course, you know that it's important to maintain them regularly and replace your gutters when they are showing signs of damage. But what about where they came from? And what they are made out of?

We rarely think of rain gutters as an exciting topic of conversation but they are surprisingly interesting! Here are seven fun things about rain gutters you probably didn't know.

Rain Gutter Origins

You can trace the origins of rain gutters all the way back to the civilizations of the Indus Valley around 3000 BC. These ancient forms of gutters were made from burnt clay and bricks and served the purpose of draining out excess water from one location and moving it to another.

The Romans also used their own form of rain gutters to help drain their streets, so this mechanism has a long history of benefiting humankind.

Gargoyles And Gutters

Although many believed that gargoyles served the purpose of warding off evil spirits, they also conducted a more practical service. Gargoyles actually served as a form of rain gutters and would help to direct water away from buildings.

What Makes A Rain Gutter

Rain gutters today are far from the clay and bricks our ancient predecessors were using. Now they are made from a wide variety of materials including copper, aluminum, steel, and most commonly plastic.

Rain gutters today also come in two different shapes that a homeowner can choose from.

Breeding Grounds

Because rain gutters can lead to standing water, they can actually become breeding ground for nasty pests like mosquitoes.

This is one of many reasons why cleaning out your gutters is important. Otherwise, insects will quickly take hold.

Lost & Found

If your child is missing their favorite toy, you may want to check your rain gutters. Gutter cleaning professionals tend to find loads of lost toys inside of gutters, ranging from frisbees to barbie dolls.

Automotive Accessory

You may not know this, but rain gutters were once a standard vehicle accessory to help prevent raindrops from hitting your head as you exited your car.

These gutters were left behind in the 1980s when it was discovered that they had negative effects on aerodynamics.

Earthworm Habitat

If you are cleaning out your gutters, you may notice that you have earthworms living in them. But how did these earthworms get all the way up there? No one knows for sure, but many believe that they were dropped there by birds and then began to flourish in the moist climate.

Knowing About Your Rain Gutters

Now that you know some interesting facts about rain gutters, it's important to also take an interest in maintaining them. Rain gutters can be a huge benefit to your home, but only if they are cleaned out and able to work properly.

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