Signs Your Home Needs an Exterior Renovation

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If you want your home to be able to handle different seasons, you must know when the exterior needs work. Here are signs your home needs an exterior renovation.

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Your home is a big investment, and you don't want it to lose value. The average cost of a home in the U.S. in 2019 was almost $400,000! No matter how much you pay for your home, it's still important you maintain the value in your investment.

How do you maintain a home's value? Through regular maintenance and occasional upgrades and renovations.

While interior renovations are fun, don't forget about your home's exterior.

The exterior of your home is what protects the interior. So how do you know when it's time for some work? Read on for signs that your home needs an exterior renovation.

Soffit Venting

Check the soffit venting along the underside of the eaves near the roof. The soffit is part of your roof and it facilitates airflow and water drainage.

If the soffits are sagging, discolored, or cracked, it's time to replace them.

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof is bad for both the outside and inside of your home. The roof protects your home from weather-related damage.

Are shingles coming off the roof? Is the flashing dislocated? These are signs it's time for a roof replacement.

Chipping Paint

Is the paint flaking and chipping off the siding? This is also a sign your home is ready for exterior renovation.

The siding of your home protects against weather, mold, and mildew. If the siding is old and won't hold the paint, an exterior makeover is in order.

Outdated Facade

Is the home's facade outdated? It's fun living in a historic or even a retro or vintage home, but an outdated home just looks old and does nothing for your home's value.

Are all the outdoor fixtures brass or gold? That's outdated but not yet vintage and indicates it's time for some exterior renovating which leads us to our next point...

Interior Renovations Conflict with the Exterior

Renovating the interior is exciting, and it's fun living in an updated home. Once the interior is done, it's time to bring the outside in line with the inside.

If a worn exterior conflicts with a modernized interior, it's time for some exterior renovations. Take note of your interior theme and extend it outside.

Stick with a similar look and feel. Did you renovate the inside into a midcentury modern marvel? Echo the theme outside so the outside flows gracefully to the inside.

The Landscape Outshines the Home's Exterior

Did you go all out on a fantastic landscape and now the home looks lackluster in comparison? A beautiful landscape is great but the house should look updated and well maintained.

You're Planning to Sell

Are you worried about putting a lot of money into an exterior renovation because you're selling soon? A well-maintained home with beautiful curb appeal will sell faster for a better price than a home with a neglected exterior.

Exterior Renovation Is Important for Home Value

Your home's exterior is an important part of your home. From the roof to the siding, the exterior protects your home's interior. It's also a reflection of how well you maintain your home.

If your home is showing one or more of the above signs, consider an exterior renovation. Your home is your biggest asset. Help it keep its value with interior and exterior renovations when necessary.

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