Signs That Shows You Need Gutter Replacement or Repairs

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Have seen large number of cracks, holes, or rust spots and several broken fasteners? Here are 5 signs that show you need gutter replacement or repairs.

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Gutters play an essential role in the health of your home and roof. They catch the water that drains off your roof and allows it to flow out into your yard or street through downspouts. When your gutters are not working properly, your roof and home, are at stake. What are the signs that you need a gutter replacement? And why does it matter? Continue reading to find out if you need new gutters.

Chipping and Cracking

If you spot a small crack in your gutter, at first you might not consider replacing guttering. After all, it can be a big job, and a small crack shouldn't be a huge deal, right?

Small cracks can turn into larger ones, so if you notice any rips or tears in your gutters, it might be worth it to inspect it and consider investing in new gutters.


When water is not properly drained from your roof, you can end up with flooding anywhere on your property.

In most cases, you will find pools of water in your yard, or worst cases, inside of your own home or basement. This is because an overflow of water can soak deeply into your foundation and cause significant damage.

Unsecured Gutters

Gutters that are working well are typically secured to your home and appear normal. In other words, they stick close to your roof.

However, if your gutters seem to hang off your roof or have the appearance of being stretched out, you want to replace them. Gutters that sag means that water pours directly into your yard and your foundation.

Rust or Peeling

Similar to chipping and cracking, at first a spot of rust or peeling paint might not get a second glance. However, these are key signs that you shouldn't ignore.

Rust means that water is sitting inside your gutters. This means the water - however much is collected inside - is not draining properly.

When gutters are broken in some places, water will leak over the side. This causes water damage to your exterior paint on your home. If you find paint that's peeling, it means that water is draining on your home and not through the downspouts.

Don't forget to check for water damage on your soffits as well.


It's not always easy to spot a broken gutter, but here are a few indicators.

The fasteners keep the gutter secured to your roof. If these breaks, they're a minor repair. But continuing to repair them indicates a larger problem with the gutters themselves.

Gutters operate best when they're all together. If you find that they're separating from each other, it's time for new gutters.

Do You Need a Gutter Replacement?

Remember to clean your gutters at least twice a year to ensure they're working efficiently. Check your gutters frequently for all of these signs to keep your home and land from experiencing significant damage.

Do you think you need a gutter replacement? Check out our website today for more information!

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