Popular Siding Colors for Your Home

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Your home siding colors matter more than you think. If you're repainting your home, here are 5 popular home siding colors to use as inspiration.

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Did you know that curb appeal is the key to selling a home?

It makes a lot of sense if you think like a home buyer. If you see a house with an unimpressive exterior, you wouldn't want to go in for a closer look. You'll just drive past it, and check out your other options.

Even if you don't plan to sell your home, it's always a good idea to keep your home's exterior looking great, and that includes updating your siding. That being said, let's talk about siding colors, particularly the most popular shades among homeowners.

50 Shades of Gray

Though paint manufacturers and color experts predict that gray will be replaced by earth tones this year, it remains as one of the most popular siding colors. That's because aside from being versatile, gray's shade range is quite extensive. From light grays such as granite and pewter to darker options including flagstone and hearthstone, there's sure to be a gray shade that will fit your tastes.

There are also grays that blend with neutrals like taupe, which matches well with rich reds and browns. If you're not sure which color combos would work well with your chosen shade of gray, you can check out our exterior painting tips.

Bluer Than Blue

There's a reason why blue is one of the best vinyl siding colors even if it's a bolder color compared to classic neutral shades such as tan or cream. According to color psychology, blue is associated with feelings of calmness or serenity.

If you want your home to give off calm or serene vibes, you can't go wrong with blue. Something like coastal blue or Pacific blue would look amazing with a crisp white trim.

Old Siding Colors Become New Again

If you're not a fan of traditional neutral shades but don't want anything too loud, you can go for new neutrals. These include cypress, which is a muted green, and olive, which is close to gray.

You can also mix and match classic neutrals between your siding and trim.

White as Snow

Classic white may not be some homeowners' first choice when it comes to vinyl siding colors. Maybe they think it requires a lot of upkeep since it's bound to show every speck of dirt.

Don't be so quick to dismiss it, though. If you love the crisp, clean look of white, you don't have to go all white. You can mix it with shades of red, black, or gray.

Try to look for online design tools that allow you to see what your home's exterior would look like if you try to mix and match colors for your siding, door, soffits, etc.

Red-y for an Upgrade

Fire engine red may not be one of the most popular house colors, but almost-brown reds are becoming a hit with a lot of homeowners these days. The thing is, they're not just for rural areas anymore. Rustic reds are in, and they're here to stay.

For a more elegant appeal, you can pair a rust-like siding color with bricks. You can also choose white or black accents for that farmhouse aesthetic.

Need Help Choosing Siding Colors or Materials?

Now that you know the most popular siding colors, are you ready to upgrade your home's siding?

For more siding tips and advice on updating your home's exterior, don't hesitate to check out our other posts.

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