How To Remove Caulk From Sidings And Soffit

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Caulk can be applied specifically or generate on its own accord. If you need to remove it, learn how to clear your siding and soffit from caulk now.

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Moisture and mold are major problems for homeowners with potentially very serious health issues if there is extended exposure. Most of the time if there is a moisture or mold problem, it can be fixed. But it is much easier to take the steps to prevent it from every becoming a problem in the first place. One of the ways this is done on the exterior of the house is making sure the siding and soffit are installed correctly. The key to correct instalation is having the area completely prepped and ready to go. A major component to this prep is removing any old caulking, which can be a bit tricky.

Here's a few pointers on how to best removing caulk from siding and soffit.

Softening Caulk on Soffit

The best time to remove caulk is when it is still soft before it has completely dried. Obviously this can't be the case when you are removing old caulk that has been there for years.

But there are a few ways that the caulk can be softened a little bit for easier removal though.

Heat is a great way to soften old caulking. This can be done by holding a blow dryer or applying hot water to the area for long enough to change the temperature. As the heat rises, the caulk will become more pliable and should be able to be peeled off.

There are also a few chemicals or products that can be applied to the caulk in order to soften it enough to be removed. Rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits work great for these situations.

Using the Right Tools

Soffit caulk removal can be done but it is so much easier with the right tools so that you don't have to put so much force and effort into it.

A utility knife is a great place to start because it can be run along the caulk line to loosen it from the soffit or siding. Once there is that break it can quickly be peeled off.

Putty knifes are also used often if the caulk removal calls for more scraping. The putty knife does a lot of work while still protecting the other materials and not causing visible damage.

Sometimes pliers can be helpful in pinching an end of the old caulk that has come up and then it can be pulled to get the rest off.

Full Caulk Removal

The soffit is a very important part of the exterior of a home. It protects the interior from animals, moisture, and debris.

In order for it to be completely effective it needs to be properly installed and sealed off. Removing the old caulk is important to getting that new, fresh seal that will keep everything out.

Maintenance is a great way to reduce the chances of a large repair job and bill, replacing old caulking is a big part of that.

If you want more information on soffits and how they can improve your home, check out our blog!

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