Soffit Board: Soffit Options, Sizes, and Styles (Buyer's Guide)

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Use our soffit board buyer's guide to make an informed decision about picking the right soffit options, style, and sizes for your home needs.

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Have you ever woken in the morning to hear birds rustling around in your roof?

If you have it is natural to be concerned that there is damage being made to your roof. Yet, according to the British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (the RSPB), it is not the birds that cause the initial damage, they just exploit it.

Soffit board is an important construction material that can protect your roof and ensure that mother nature does not get access to parts of your roof where it is not welcome.

In this article, you will learn what you need to when it comes to choosing the right type of soffit board including sizes and styles.

What Is Soffit Board?

Your roof is one of the fundamental parts of your house. Maintaining the integrity of your roof is also linked to the longevity and value of your property. A damaged roof will eventually lead to serious structural damage as water permeates the building.

Generally, the design of a roof includes an overhang that extends the edge of the roof away from the structural walls. This serves to protect the walls from the elements and secondly to ensure water run-off is away from the walls as best possible.

The gap between the overhang and the wall is where the soffit board is fitted. This seals off access to inside the roof from the underside.

Remember Airflow

Soffit board can help make the outside of the house more aesthetically pleasing and give a tidy and clean appearance. However, the primary purpose is to protect the roof space from unwanted guests.

If you forget to ventilate your roof by using soffit board with vents then you risk trapping warm and moist air within the roof. This will eventually cause the damage you were trying to avoid. So airflow is very important in the roof space and can be easily achieved using soffit vents.

What Is the Best Material for Soffit Board?

There are many options. Your final choice will depend on your budget, the style and look you want to match to your home as well as maintenance considerations.

Metal Soffit Board

Within this category, you have the choice of steel and aluminum. Basically, both are a good option. They are non-flammable and will last a long time. The aluminum will not degrade like steel, so it is easier to maintain.

Synthetic Soffit Board

This category would include vinyl. This is very durable and easy to maintain material. It comes in many colors and textures and can be made so that it looks like a natural material like wood.

Another bonus is that this material is water resistant and easy to clean.

Within this category, are sort of hybrid materials like fiber cement. This is made from wood pulp and cement. It can be fashioned to like other materials. This can be a cost-effective option depending on your budget.

Natural Materials

You cannot get much more natural than wood. It looks beautiful and is timeless in its style and appeal. Of course, it depends on the rest of the roof, but wood can be a very flexible material as it is very easy to work with. If you treat the wood properly you need not be overly concerned about rot.

It doesn't matter what material you use you will need to make sure the size is correct. This is the distance between the outer fascia and the wall. Usually, it is between 16 and 24 inches.

Soffit - So Far so Good

In this article, you have read some of the basics that will help you make some good decisions when it comes to choosing the material and style of your soffit board as well as the measuring the size.

Learn more about soffit installation by following the soffit blog.

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