Lighting Trends for Interior Design

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Interior lighting is a central aspect of your home's design which you can use to dictate your atmosphere. Here are some lighting trends for interior design.

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You've spent a large amount of time and energy into creating a signature look for your living space. You love your new curtains, flooring, and sofa. But if you truly want to manipulate your living space's atmosphere, don't forget to upgrade your lighting too. Your interior lighting remains a critical part of the design of your home. After all, the fixtures you choose and how you position your lighting can have an immense impact on the overall feel of your house.

The question is, which lighting styles should you choose for your space this spring? Here are the top five lighting trends for interior design in 2020.

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Soft Gold

This hue remains 2020's popular finish. Why? Because soft gold is an attractive choice that lies between brushed gold and brushed silver.

If you're looking for a hue that is welcoming with its mellow warmth, you can't go wrong with soft gold. This color, with its matte finish, also offers the benefit of working well with just about any type of decor.

Industrial and Retro Styles

The industrial style is all about the rustic finish, a focus on metal, and neutral colors. And in 2020, this style is making a major comeback.

However, this year, the modern industrial style for lighting is a bit different from traditional industrial lighting. Today, you'll see sleeker metals, not warehouse-like ones. In addition, today's industrial lighting has varied tones along with alternative designs.


Black is another popular interior lighting style because it offers a contemporary and neutral look.

You can't go wrong with black if you're seeking something edgy and chic. Another benefit of black is that it works well with virtually any style.

Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern

These two styles have been interior design favorites for many years, but lighting hasn't followed these trends.

However, that is all changing in 2020. Today, you'll find more lighting that fits into these styles, featuring clean lines and unique designs. These styles are also characterized by a nice balance of art and form.

With Art Deco, you'll find more geometric designs that are attractive, along with sharp lines. Meanwhile, with the Mid-century Modern style, you'll find natural shapes that anyone would find appealing.

Clean Lines

Finally, look for lighting in 2020 that features clean lines.

This is perfect for giving the interior of your home an appearance that is more streamlined. It's all a part of the popular minimalism trend that is expected to hold strong this year.

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