How to Replace a Fascia Board

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Need to replace a fascia board? This step-by-step guide will walk you through it.

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Do you want to improve the exterior of your home? Do you need to replace a fascia board but don't have the experience? Replacing old and rotted fascia board can make a world of difference for your home. Fascia helps support your gutters, roofing, and keeps your house looking great. If you're ready to replace a fascia board and need the right steps, keep reading for the advice you've been looking for.

What is Soffit and Fascia Board?

A soffit is the siding underneath a roof overhang. It usually matches the visible siding of your home but the design can vary. Materials for soffit include wood and aluminum.

Fascia board is the siding set directly above your soffit board. For illustration, soffit is angled towards the ground, as its the floor of an overhang, while fascia is a visible street-facing board. Both forms of siding board are made of the same materials.

Fascia is the board below and adjacent to your roof gutters. This means fascia is there to help support your gutters. It even keeps your roof tiles and shingles supported.

Now that you know the basics behind fascia and soffit, let's explore how to replace fascia board.

How to Replace Fascia Board

Begin by measuring all of your current pieces of the fascia board. This should include rotten materials, sturdy pieces, and missing board. Then, start getting your tools organized for the job.

After you've made your measurements, you must remove your attached guttering. You want to make sure that no piece of gutter is connected to any current fascia board.

There should be nothing between your roof and your fascia. You'll next want to bolster your roof above the fascia board so that you can start replacing pieces.


If you're replacing fascia by selected sections, you'll want to make a guide for where you'll be cutting and removing old pieces of board. It's best to start cutting from the bottom of the board and working your way up to your guide.


Once you've cut your pieces of rotted board, start replacing fascia board piece by piece. Don't forget to keep your measurements consistent throughout this process, as you want to remove and replace pieces efficiently.


After all of your fascia has been replaced you'll need to do half of these steps in reverse. You need to put your guttering back and place and make any adjustments to the roof.

The replacement board you buy might be off-colored, so try repainting your board to match your home. This will complete the restoration process.

Home Improvement for The Ambitious

Every part of a construction project is essential to building a home. From your roofing to your flooring and everything in between, you need the right materials to put together a worthwhile house.

Fascia board is one of those commonly forgotten legs of construction that can improve your home. If you want to boost the exterior of your home and come away feeling better, it's time you started focusing on the soffit as well.

Your next step to action is finding the very best in soffit guides and products. Start enriching your home today!

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