How to Find a Roofer in Your Area That You Can Trust

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You shouldn't let just anyone climb onto your roof and make repairs. You need someone with the right experience. Here's how to find a roofer you can trust.

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Getting your roof fixed can be expensive business. Average costs range between $5,250 and a whopping $10,500. You need to know you've got the right contractor.

Don't let just anyone repair your roof. You need to know they will do a good job. Read on to learn how to find a roofer in your area you can trust.

Find a Roofer Locally

Finding a roofer that is based in your neighborhood has several advantages. They understand the conditions, materials, and suppliers locally and are likely to be able to meet your needs. They also rely on having a good reputation locally for future business so they are less likely to let you down.

They will also know about local rules and regulations. These can vary from place to place so local knowledge is very helpful.

You can ask for recommendations by neighbors, family, or business associates. Ask them about the workmanship and the quality of service including how effectively they communicated. It's especially important to learn whether they honor their promises on standards of work and deadlines.

Insurance and Licenses in Place

Roofing contractors need insurance. This should cover their employees and any subcontractors. Check that their insurance certificates are in date and valid.

Even though this insurance is important for the employees of the contractor, it affects you too. If an employee is injured at work and the contractor doesn't have insurance you may find yourself involved in litigation.

It the contractor needs a license to operate in your state, check with the state authorities to see that they hold the appropriate license.

Right Price

One way of checking whether the roofing contractor is charging a reasonable price is to compare their quotation with other contractors. Three quotations are normally enough to compare.

Be careful not to make a judgment on price alone. The cheapest may not be the best. Try to confirm that you are comparing the same standard of materials, workmanship, and service.

Pick Your Roofer

Make sure you pick your roofer. This might sound strange but there are many roofing contractors who do business by knocking on potential customer's doors saying they are in the area and offering to fix your roof. Don't fall for this approach.

Shop around. Do your research. Your roof is too important to trust to just anybody who knocks on your door.

Check Reputation and Credentials

Check reviews and ratings. The Better Business Bureau rating will tell you whether a contractor is credible.

Ask the contractor for details of previous customers who had similar work done. If you are having a major soffit renovation done don't talk to a customer who had a couple of shingles replaced. If possible, call a few previous customers and ask them for details of what work the contractor did and how they performed.


Ask about the warranty. Get details in writing. A warranty that covers the contractor's workmanship, as well as materials, is the gold standard.

A Roofer You Can Trust

A little research is all you need to do to find a roofer you can trust. It means you can be confident that your roof replacement or repair is done properly. It's worth the effort.

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