What are Soffit and Fascia and Are They Different?

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What are soffit and fascia and do you need both? This guide will break down what each is and how the two work hand and hand to compliment each other.

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Did you know that 90% of the asphalt shingles sold in the US use a fiberglass construction? Understanding what and how your home's construction works can help you care for it better. This will extend its useful life, improve its functioning, and ultimately save you money. So, what are soffit and fascia? These are two more components to your roof. If you aren't sure what they are exactly, then this guide will help you to better understand your home's roof construction.

What Are Soffit and Fascia?

Let's start with how soffit and fascia are similar. They're both materials used when installing your roof. These two roofing components work together to prevent moisture from entering your attic. This reduces mildew and mold growth.

They help to keep air circulating throughout your attic, which helps to keep your home cool and reduces the risk of ice dams forming. They also cover the areas of your home that are challenging to paint.


The soffit is the underside of your home's structural elements. Stand outside of your home and look up. You'll see your roof extend past the exterior wall of your home. The underside of the roof has vinyl or aluminum paneling, which is the soffit.

The purpose of the soffit is to enclose the eaves of your home. This creates a smooth appearance and prevents rodents and other animals from entering your home. The soffit vents in the panels encourage protected airflow through your attic.

Either aluminum or vinyl is typically used for soffit construction. The advantage of these materials is that you can buy them in a wide variety of colors. On rare occasions, you'll find wood used.

You'll need to inspect your soffit after a storm, as it's vulnerable to damage from water, birds, squirrels, and wind. If you find damage, you'll need to replace that soffit panel.

Fascia Board

The fascia is the front edge of the roof. It's typically a board that caps the edge of the roof. If you have gutters, they may be blocking your view of the facia as they are attached to it.

The facia runs parallel to the ground and covers the space between the top of the roof where the shingles cover and the bottom where the soffit covers.

The purpose of the facia is to seal the edge of the roof and give it a finished edge. It also gives you a solid structure to attach the gutters.

Fascia boards are typically made out of wood, aluminum, or plastic. Similar to the soffit, if you buy plastic or aluminum, then you'll find several color options available.

Fascia isn't as vulnerable to damage as soffit, but it can happen. You need to look for signs of rot, which can cause them to detach. If you see this happening, then you'll need to replace that section of the fascia.

Take Care of Your Home

You should no longer wonder, what are soffit and fascia? As you can see, your roof and the exterior of your home have several components. Understanding how they all work together can help you care for the exterior of your home better.

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