Finding the Right Gutter Colors for Your Home

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Want to perfect the look of your home? If you want your come to be cozy and color coded then check out our complete guide to gutter colors.

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Without gutters, your home would be at risk of water damage and leaks. Gutters collect the rain during a storm and lead it away from the foundation of your home. Having gutters that are in great shape and free of debris is essential for keeping your basement dry. While gutters serve a functional purpose for your home, they can also add an aesthetic appeal to your home's exterior! If you aren't sure which gutter colors to choose, we've created a guide to make finding your perfect color easy.

Keep reading to learn about what you should keep in mind as you choose your gutter color!

Choosing Gutter Colors

When it comes to choosing your gutter colors, you'll want to look at the entire exterior of your home.

Just like your roof, doors, and windows, the color of your gutter will make or break your home's flow. To start, choose a color palette for the exterior of your home. The color palette you choose should not only take the other colors of your home into consideration but the gutter material as well.

Keep in mind that it can be fun to go a little out of your comfort zone! Many people lean on white accents for their home because it's the safest bet.

While white will match pretty much anything, sometimes it's nice to add a pop of color. Get adventurous and consider blue, red, or maybe even yellow!

What Do Your Gutters Look Like?

The color you choose for your gutters will also depend on the thickness of your gutters.

Are your gutters thin? Thin gutters look best when matched with the roof. Either use the same color as your roof or choose one that goes well with the roof.

On the other hand, if you have thicker gutters, you'll want to match the color with your trim or front door. Since the gutter is more noticeable when it's thicker, it looks great when matched with features that already pop.

Don't Forget About Soffit

While you're choosing colors for your gutters, you'll want to think about the color of your soffit as well.

While soffit is hidden from the street, if you're walking around outside the house you'll be able to see it when you look up. For that reason, you'll want the gutter color to compliment the soffit color.

You can either match the soffit and gutter color exactly, or you can choose a gutter color that's in the same palette as your soffit. For example, if your soffit is light gray, you could make the gutters light gray or a dark gray to contrast a little bit.

Are You Ready to Change Your Gutter Colors?

If you're not happy with your gutter color, it's time to find a new one! Choosing gutter colors is a matter of personal preference, yet, there are factors you should keep in mind as you choose. Follow our guide and you'll find the best gutter colors to compliment your entire home!

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