When Should You Replace the Siding of Your Home?

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When should you replace the siding of your home? There are a few clear signs you can count on. Click here to learn more below.

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Your home's curb appeal can quickly diminish if you do not take care of its exterior. Oftentimes we focus on the interior when it comes to decorating. The outside focus is primarily on the upkeep of the lawn and planting new flowers in springtime.

Asking when should you replace siding on a house? Now is the time to go out and take a good look at your home.

Is the paint fading or stained from the sprinkler water hitting the house? Is the stucco finish cracking? Maybe the vinyl siding is fading or starting to detach from the house.

Even if there is no apparent damage to the exterior walls, you may realize the home simply needs an upgrade.

Are you thinking your home's exterior needs a makeover? Keep reading for reasons you need to replace the siding on your home.

Understand When Should You Replace Siding

There is no right or wrong time to get new siding for your home. It is a part of the major upkeep of your property. If you want to maintain your home's value, you should include exterior siding in your home repair budget along with roofing, plumbing, and HVAC.

Upon Noticing Damage to Stucco Finishes

When people think of siding, they often imagine vinyl or wood boards that are attached to the house. Siding comes in different forms including brick and stucco.

Stucco siding is often found on contemporary homes. It is a durable finish that can be spruced up with a change of paint color. Stucco also comes in different textures.

As durable as the finish is, it is not completely damaged proof. Stucco can crack from the elements or from the force of objects hitting it. It's also difficult to completely seal patch jobs on stucco.

When the Siding is Damaged and Beyond Repair

Damage to vinyl and wood siding could call for siding replacement. If the siding has been on the house for a very long time it is best to replace it with modern products on the market. Technology has improved durability over time.

With new siding products, there are new materials, colors, and designs. This gives the homeowner more options and flexibility in pricing. Choose from vinyl, aluminum, and engineered wood siding products.

If You are Planning to Sell

Another sign for when to replace vinyl siding is when you are planning to place your home on the market. Updating your home's exterior is just as important as putting on a new roof or installing a new HVAC unit. Major repair and replacement have a greater return on investment.

It is equally important to assess the other homes in the area to see if yours measures up. Something as simple as new siding can make your home stand out from the other properties on the market.

Give Your Home a New Look Today

There is no magic formula for when should you replace siding but this list is a great starting place. Check-out our article on essential home maintenance tasks often overlooked.

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