What Is a Soffit? Benefits Every Homeowner Should Know

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If you are needing some exterior work done on your home, you need to consider installing a soffit. What is a soffit? Click here to learn more!

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The average American spends almost $5,000 on home repairs and improvements. Failing to make the necessary repairs to your home can impact your home's value. In some cases, your home's integrity can impact your family's health, too.

Are you thinking about completing some exterior work on your home? Don't forget the soffit!

What is a soffit, and how can it benefit your home's integrity? Keep reading to find out!

Improve Ventilation

Your soffit is an added layer of protection that's located on the underbelly of your eaves. You can take a look at the space between the edge of your roof and your home's wall to find your soffits.

One of the main benefits of soffits is they help improve your home's ventilation.

When your attic ventilates properly, it can improve your home's energy-efficiency. Ventilation is also essential to keep moisture out of your home. Otherwise, black mold might grow and spread, causing costly damages.

Improving your home's ventilation can also prevent ice dams and keep water from slipping in during a storm.

By adding soffit repair to your list of home improvements, you can improve air flow throughout your home.

Keep Animals at Bay

As temperatures start to drop, animals might sneak into your home to seek shelter. Old, damaged soffits make it easier for animals to slip inside. In addition to building nests or hiding away, these creatures can also damage your home.

If you want to keep animals where they belong (outside!), consider vinyl soffit installation.

Protect Your Roof's Integrity

Your home's soffit and fascia are the first line of defense for your roof. Otherwise, the underlying rafters can fall victim to moisture, mold, and eventually rot.

Choosing aluminum or vinyl soffit will protect your roof's integrity. The soffit will keep rain and snow from slipping in by repelling moisture.

Improve Curb Appeal

Learning the answer to the question "what is a soffit?" can also improve your home's curb appeal and value.

Vinyl soffit can give your home additional eye appeal. As people tour your home, they'll study the exterior for damages. If you plan on selling your home soon, you can increase your home's beauty by adding soffit repair to your to-do list.

Reduce Maintenance Needs

Replacing a soffit usually costs about $20 to $30 for each linear foot. Meanwhile, it can cost $5,00 or more to repair damaged or rotted soffit and fascia. Instead of letting the problem develop over time, it helps to make regular, smaller upgrades.

Updating your soffit and fascia can help you avoid costly damages down the road. You won't have to worry about repairing your rafters or responding to moisture damage. Instead, you can protect your home from wind and water to eliminate potential maintenance costs.

What is a Soffit?: 5 Benefits to Consider Before Installing a Soffit

To recap, what is a soffit? It's the underbelly of your eaves that can help protect your home from potential damage down the road. By adding vinyl soffit to your home, you can avoid costly repairs and boost your home's value!

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