What Types Of Vinyl Siding Exist And How Soffit Can Help?

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There are various types of vinyl sliding, and they are often used to match with soffit. Discover the types and how soffit can help.

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According to Home Advisor, while soffits used to be used only sporadically, modern houses almost universally have soffits. With time and experience, builders and regulators alike have seen the importance of quality soffits. Read on to learn everything you need to know about soffits and combining them properly with your home's siding.

What Is a Soffit?

A soffit is an extremely common fixture in houses, but most people still don't know exactly what it is.

A few houses have roofs that extend out only as far as the walls of the house. However, the majority of houses have roofs that extend past their walls. This creates gaps between the roof and the walls that can allow air to leak in.

This is where the soffit comes in. The soffit is a structure that sits between the roof and the walls, sealing up any leaks.

Soffits serve multiple purposes. When you want to keep heat inside the home, they can make sure there are no drafts.

On the other hand, attics are prone to overheating during hot summer months. Soffits can be designed to allow proper ventilation in the attic, making sure the attic and roof don't become superheated. This helps your roof preserve its integrity, keeping moisture out of your home and lowering the chance of mildew.

If you ever saw a house without a soffit, you'd probably be able to tell that something wasn't quite right, even if you couldn't say exactly what it was. Soffits are an important part of giving your house a fully completed and polished look. You want soffits that are beautiful as well as functional.

Types of Vinyl Siding

Traditional lap siding is also called clapboard. It's the most common kind of vinyl siding and looks simply likes a series of panels laid horizontally on your house.

Dutch lap siding is essentially the same, but with a curved shape at the top of the panel. Functionally, dutch lap siding works the same, but it's a great choice for a rustic aesthetic.

Beaded siding is another variation on clapboard, with a V groove built into the bottom of the board. It has a classic look that evokes the Victorian or Colonial style.

Board and batten siding makes a bigger departure from the clapboard model. Here the panels are laid vertically, which can help a house look taller.

Choosing the Right Vinyl Soffit

When it comes to picking soffits to accompany your siding, there are several factors to keep in mind. As semi-permanent fixtures in your home, you'll want to make sure your siding and soffits work together stylistically. The style and color of your soffits should either match or complement your siding.

Soffit siding can come in a variety of thicknesses. While thicker vinyl siding soffits cost more, they can also look better, last longer, and resist more wear and tear than thinner options.

Find the Right Soffit for Your Home

We hope you learned something helpful about soffits and siding in this brief piece. To learn more about how you can find quality soffits and skilled installation, check out our other topics.

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