Not-So-Obvious Signs You Need to Get Professional Soffit Repair

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Have you notice water or pests working their way into your home? You might need soffit repair. Here's a few warning signs you should be aware of.

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Having proper ventilation will help reduce how much you pay on home repairs in the long run. When you have proper ventilation you won't have to worry about as much damage happening to your home. You may need to replace your vents from time to time. The cost of that is minimal compared to the damage poor ventilation causes. That could be replacing the wood in your attic, fixing your roof, or even the very foundation of your home.

Below we will review the warning signs you may find if you need soffit repairs.

Soffits and Fascias

Soffit vents and Fascias are both needed to keep your roof and home in good condition. If one is in bad shape, there is a chance the other is as well.

Soffits main function is to help ventilate your attic. It circulates continuous airflow through your attic to remove moisture and heat. Moreover, it helps keep pests and small animals out of your home.

Fascias are the siding on the roof that goes above your soffit, and keeps your gutters in place. The main function of fascia is to prevent water damage to your home.

Visible Damage

If you see rotting wood or cracked/peeling paint, there has been damage done to your soffits and/or fascias. When it rains, water gets between your fascias and and soffits and will pool there.

This damage may not be seen on the outside of your home, you may look up and think everything is fine. Yet, if you look between the two, you will see how extensive the damage is.

Moreover, when the water begins to pool it can seep into your attic. This will create water damage inside your home.

Using vinyl soffits and fascias helps remove some of this issue as it doesn't degrade like wood does. Vinyl has the added benefit of being water-resistant which will save you money.

Clogged Gutters

Another way water damage can be an issue is if you have clogged gutters. When your gutters are clogged water will build up and start pouring out of the sides of the gutters. It will cause damage to your foundation, your attic/roof, and any surrounding wood.

To your foundation, the water will create cracks which can later lead to it collapsing.

In your attic, during the winter the water can form into ice dams. As the temperature gets warmer the water will begin to melt. You will have water pooled in one location and it will leak into your home through your soffit vents and wood.

Finally, the wood that surrounds your gutters will have water seeping into them. This can cause them to rot. For example, fascias are below your gutters and are sometimes made of wood.

Critters in Your Attic

When there is damage to your soffits it makes it easier for small animals, rodents, and bugs to get into your home. If you see more insects in your home, or hear scratching or scurrying in your walls, your vents may need fixing. Pests can cause even more damage to your home.

Moisture Buildup and Mold in Your Attic

Your soffit vents may be clogged which can lead to moisture buildup and mold. You can use compressed air to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that may be blocking your vents from working. If you can't easily access the vents yourself you may want to higher a professional to do it for you.

Do You Need Soffit Repairs?

If you noticed any of these warning signs, it may be time to get in contact with soffit repair contractors. A safe home is a happy home.

Review our blog to learn more about the right type of soffit for your home.

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