Porch Decorating Ideas for 2020

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These porch decorating ideas will give your friends and family something to stare at when they come through your front entrance.

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People often say that first impressions last a lifetime. What first impression is your porch making on guests? While there's certainly a lot more to your home than your front entrance, you shouldn't discredit its importance. When people arrive at your home, the should be greeted with a beautiful, warm, and inviting front porch. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our top porch decorating ideas for 2020.

Porch Decorating Ideas

Porch decoration requires thinking a little outside the box. You need to think about how you can incorporate this outdoor area to match your design style, the aesthetics of your home, and the existing features.

What makes a porch warm and inviting? What elements of design can you add to your porch to make it aesthetically pleasing, yet able to hold up to mother nature?


Given your climate and environment supports it, you can never go wrong decorating a porch with plants. You can add pots of flowers, large green plants, small trees, herbs, vegetables, and more.

However, if you don't live somewhere that supports a lot of plant life all year round, no one will fault you for using fake plants.


Another important element of porch decor is the lighting. Regardless of when your guests arrive, they need to be met with warm, ambient lighting. During the day, the sun will primarily dictate your lighting.

However, for evening and nighttime outdoor porch decor, consider adding LED light strings, lamps, and more. You can hang them using the soffit and siding or find another way.

Color Pops

One of the most important porch decor ideas is incorporating various color pops throughout your design. You can accomplish this with brightly colored flowers, a uniquely painted door, seat cushions, and more. Just make sure the colors you choose don't clash with the home or are too overwhelming.


Speaking of seat cushions, to make your front porch area feel luxurious and inviting, make sure you add some comfy looking outdoor chairs or sofas. You can also include a coffee table and other furniture pieces if your porch provides enough space.


Next, remember that unique fixtures and hardware can add a lot to your porch decorating ideas. You can install a vintage door-knocker, add an outdoor chandelier, or change out your doorknobs with more unique pieces. Be sure to understand the steps to maintaining the exterior of your home and any changes you make using soffit and other vital construction elements.

Door Mats

Another thing to consider about the impression you're making with your guests is what your doormat says to them. Do you want a traditional, classy doormat or one with a quirky saying?


Finally, remember to focus your porch decorating ideas around a theme. This can be a floral theme, industrial theme, modern, woodsy, etc. Just make sure you're not so focused on the theme that you forget about the rest of the house.

The porch shouldn't seem separate from the rest of the home.

Looking to Update Your Home?

If you're looking to make home improvements, incorporate porch decorating ideas, and more, you've come to the right place. Be sure to check out all of our other articles about outdoor soffit, siding, and everything else. Good luck with your project!

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