Pest Control Tips: How to Keep Unwanted Bugs out of Your Soffit

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Are you trying to keep unwanted bugs out of your soffit? Take a look at this guide to learn some helpful pest control tips that'll take care of the problem.

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Each house in America unknowingly shelters between 32 and 211 species of anthropods (centipedes, spiders, and insects). Instead of letting creepy crawlies make your home their own, put these pest control tips to use.

With these tips, you can keep unwanted bugs out of your soffit and off your property.

Protect your home! Keep reading for the pest prevention tips you need to keep the bugs away.

Check Your Soffits

First, take the time to check your home's soffits. Your soffits are the fixtures located under your roof's eaves. These fixtures usually give your home a decorate appearance while closing access to your roof.

Most people don't glance at their soffits. However, they make the perfect place for pests to hide.

First, take a walk around your home. Check the soffits for any beehives or nests. Once you find a nest, you can use these pest control tips to keep the bugs at bay.

Maintain Your Soffits

First, make sure your soffits are capable of resisting weather damage. Cracks can give bugs access to your home. Rotting wood and holes can also give unwanted pests a way inside.

If your soffits are getting old, consider replacing them with high-quality soffits. Aluminum soffits are less likely to experience damage, making it easier for you to maintain pest prevention for your home.

Make sure to seal any of the cracks you notice on your soffits. Look for any other holes that provide an entry point into your home.

Check Your Property

After checking your soffits, take a walk around your property.

First, make sure to remove any standing water. Standing water could attract mosquitoes and give them an opportunity to breed.

Next, maintain your yard's landscaping. Overgrowth can give insects and pests a place to hide. Get rid of any weeds and clear away debris around your home.

If you've recently cut tree branches or trimmed shrubs, make sure to dispose of the greenery properly.

Otherwise, make sure to store away your firewood. Otherwise, termites might scurry toward your home. Those little crawlers can cause a lot of damage.

Do you have a basement or attic? Make sure your home is ventilated and dry. Remember, moisture can attract bugs.

In addition to repairing your soffits, you should also repair weather-stripping and rotting shingles. The deteriorating wood could attract bugs to your soffits.

Make sure to store your trash in closeable bins. Fruits and vegetables can attract fruit flies and other pests.

Call a Pro

Every year, about 62 people die from a hornet, wasp, or bee sting. To protect your family, it's important to check your property for nests. However, you don't have to risk your own health by removing these nests alone.

Instead, consider contacting a professional.

Pester the Pests: The Pest Control Tips You Need to Protect Your Soffit

Don't let pests take over your home. Instead, start using these pest control tips. With proper pest prevention, you can keep your home and family safe.

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