Soffit Vents: Myths about Home Ventilation

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Many myths about soffit vents exist today but how many of them are true? Uncover the real facts that will have you on the bandwagon of getting these vents

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Approximately 70% of homes aren't properly ventilated. There are many ways in which you can ventilate your home. It's a matter of finding out what type of ventilation is best for your home.

Below we will be debunking some myths about soffit vents, and ventilation in general. This guide will arm you with knowledge so you will be ready when you decide to upgrade your ventilation.

You Only Need One Type of Ventilation

No matter what type of roof you have you will want more than one type of ventilation. You don't need to go crazy, but you need to make sure you're getting air to properly circulate through your attic. Soffit vents help to circulate air into your attic. Other types of vents (ridge and whirlybird) help push air back out. 

Soffit vents help to circulate air into your attic. Other types of vents (ridge and whirlybird) help push air back out.

More Ventilation Is Better

When it comes to ventilation you don't want too many vents. The more vents you have the more you are negating what your vents are trying to do.

You will have air sitting inside your attic which will build up condensation levels. This will cause damage to your roof, ceiling and the insulation in your walls.

Soffit Vents Keep Your Attic Warm During the Winter

If soffit vents are doing their job properly they will not be keeping your attic warm. If the vents are the reason your attic is warm then they are clogged. That is not a good sign.

If you have clogged vents, the air in your attic won't have good circulation. This will cause ice dams to form on your roof and the edges of your house. This can cause serious damage to your shingles and gutters.

If you aren't getting heat in your attic, you may need better insulation. It is not the job of vents to insulate your attic.

Soffit Vents Increase Your Heating Bill During the Winter

You do not want to close your vents in the winter. Mold can form in your attic, or your wooden floors and walls could rot if your vents aren't open.

Having your vents open helps to circulate the air so moisture doesn't build up. Your ventilation won't impact your heating bill.

What will tax your heating bill is having poor insulation. All your heat will escape through your walls. As stated prior, if you want more warmth in your attic, get better insulation.

Follow the Research Studies

There are many studies on ventilation. You would think they would be the experts on ventilation for your home. Yet, this is not always the case.

You need to be wary when you look at research studies. They don't look at every climate and the impact vents have on different areas. If you live in Ohio you will have different weather than someone who lives in California.

There are many types of ventilation. You need to know which are the best types not only for the climate you are in but the style of your house as well. Different kinds of houses will need different types of ventilation.

Get an expert from your area to know what the best types of ventilation are for your home.

Let's Stick with the Facts

It is important to have a balance of where you are getting your information. The internet can be a great tool to get information, but be wary. There is a lot of misinformation out there.

That is why it is great to balance the information you learn with speaking to an expert. You can compare what you have learned and ask questions on anything you aren't sure about.

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