Stunning Kitchen Soffit Ideas That Everyone Will Love

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You can choose one of the most breathtaking kitchen soffit ideas for your home. We have ideas that would work for even the pickiest home owner here

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A kitchen soffit is an inescapable feature of wall cabinets. It (soffit above kitchen cabinets) runs across the top of the kitchen cabinets. As a decorative item, it is also used to hide beams, pipes, and wiring. At times, the soffit in kitchen helps to fill the space above the cabinets. As a common element for subdividing kitchen in the 1980s and 1990s, most homeowners want to remove or disguise it.

Looking for new kitchen soffit ideas that will help to transform your kitchen?

Read on and learn 7 stunning kitchen soffit ideas that everyone will love.

1. Use Crown Molding as a Border

Crown molding adds a touch of elegance to your soffit above kitchen cabinets. By using the crown moldings as a border, you also add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. This transforms your kitchen.

As such, it will never go out of style.

2. Replace Your Old Cabinets

One of the top kitchen soffit ideas is replacing your old shelves/cabinets. This does not mean that you will remove soffit above kitchen cabinets. What will happen is that you will cover the soffit with new cabinets.

These cabinets should extend past the length of the soffit. When it comes to installation, try DIY or hire a professional contractor.

3. Paint Your Ceiling

What color is your kitchen soffit? Does it match with your new kitchen soffit decorating ideas? To increase the value of your home, paint your ceiling.

When shopping, find a color that is different from your cabinets. This will help to blend the kitchen soffit with the ceiling. You also have the option of adding a new color in a different part of your kitchen.

4. Add Some Artwork

Want to make your kitchen décor interesting? To cover your soffit, add some artwork. By doing so, you give your kitchen a new look while not cluttering.

One idea to incorporate is stylish framed pictures.

When shopping, look for linear and horizontal artwork. They can have shapes or words carved into them. By doing so, you add a personal touch to the kitchen.

5. Convert It Into a Beam

For this project, hire a professional contractor. He will add extensions turning the soffit into a pillar or beam. As a remodeling strategy, the beam will add an architectural function in your kitchen.

You can also paint the beam to match the color on your kitchen walls or cabinets. This will ensure that it blends more.

6. Add a Flush Box

For your flush box, use 5/8 MDF board. Cut it to size and make sure you leave an inch from the top of the ceiling. This makes it easier to grip the MDF board when installing.

Before installation, paint the board a color that blends with your kitchen walls.

To install the flush box, start with the front panels and ensure its flush with the inside of the cabinet. Secure the flush box using a nail gun. You can add a decorative detail on the board.

7. Keep the Kitchen Cabinet Soffit Open

Keeping the cabinet soffit open is also one of the best kitchen soffit ideas. For instance, install 30-inch tall high wall cabinets. This would maintain a 9 inch between the ceiling and the cabinets.

The advantages of this include providing a visual relief and giving the cabinets a less bulky appearance.

Best Kitchen Soffit Ideas to Incorporate in Your Home

There are other kitchen soffit ideas you can incorporate. For instance, you can create a bulkhead above the kitchen cabinets. This covers up the unsightly items such as pipes and vents.

Another option is to get rid of the soffit altogether.

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