How to Install a Soffit Vent

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This is the definitive guide on how to install a soffit vent. Between deciding on size and picking a good location, you'll install that vent with confidence.

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Studies show that there are no indoor locations that don't have mold. Because of the darkness and dampness, your attic is a location that will get the brunt of your mold problem. This can wreak havoc on your lungs, but fortunately, there are ways to avoid this issue. Installing proper attic ventilation into your home is essential to maintaining your physical well-being as well as the value of your house. Today, we're going to talk about how to install a soffit vent (or five) into your home so that you can prevent mold and mildew from leaving its mark.

Size and Location

Soffit vents go in an area of your house called- you guessed it!- a soffit. For those of you who don't know where this is, it's the bottom of the eaves coming off the roof of your home.

To figure out how much ventilation your home requires, you'll first need to calculate the amount of space that your attic takes up. Head up and measure both the length and the width of your attic before multiplying them together. This will give you your attic's overall surface area.

To calculate the amount of total ventilation that you need, divide this surface area by 150. The result is the square footage of ventilation needed.

After you've got those numbers down, look on your roof and figure out where you can place your soffit vents. Make sure that you evenly space your vents so that the entirety of your attic is ventilated.

You also want to ensure that your vents are placed between the rafters of your home. This lets the cool air flow up through your vents without being obstructed.

The Steps of Installation

The installation of soffit vents onto your home's eaves is actually an incredibly simple process. After determining the size and location that best suits your vent, you'll want to get on a ladder and climb so that you can reach the installation site.

Use a saber saw (or a circular saw, it's up to you) to cut an even hole that's a little smaller than the vent that you're installing. This will ensure that it fits snugly into the space and doesn't fall out when air flows through it.

Check to make sure that your hole isn't obstructed by your roof's insulation or anything else. After that, secure your vent tightly into the hole. There you go!

To stay safe during the installation process, make sure that you have someone beneath you to hold your ladder steady. Also, since sawdust can get in your eyes while you're cutting your hole, you're going to need to wear an eye mask. Besides that, you should be good to go!

More on How to Install a Soffit Vent

While there are many ways to improve ventilation in your home, none are as effective for your attic as a soffit vent.

Now that you know how to install a soffit vent into the eaves of your home, it's time to learn more about these ventilation systems. Learn the questions that you should ask professional soffit contractors for easy assistance.

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