Getting Your Gutters and Downspout Ready for a Hurricane

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Are you scared about how your rain gutters will fair during the next hurricane? Then check out our complete guide to preparing your gutter downspout.

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Experts believe that the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season will be worse than normal. If you live in an area affected by hurricanes, you already know that storm season requires some preparation ahead of time. One part of your home you'll want to prep is your gutter downspout. Keep reading to learn what you need to do to get your gutters ready for storm season each year.

Clean Your Gutters

The first thing you should ahead of storm season is to clean your gutters.

While this is a task that most homeowners dread, it's an important part of yearly maintenance.

Debris like leaves and dirt build up in your gutters. Left uncleaned, they keep your gutters from working properly, causing water to pool or run down the side of your home. In a storm with heavy rain, this could damage your siding, or even cause damage as your gutters are forced away from your roof.

Cleaning your gutters and gutter downspout is something homeowners should do at least twice a year. If you have large trees around your home that frequently drop leaves and sticks, you might want to clean them even more often.

If you aren't comfortable climbing up on a ladder to clear out your gutters, you can always hire a professional instead. A professional gutter cleaning will run you between $118 and $225, depending on where you live and the size of your home.

Check for Loose Joints or Bent Hangers

Whether you choose to clean your gutters yourself or not, the next thing you'll want to do is to check for any damage or loose joints.

If your gutters are already loose or damaged, high winds can spell disaster. Your gutters could be ripped from your roof. Besides being a costly repair, your gutters could also damage your home's siding or any nearby vehicles as they are torn away.

If you're hiring a professional to clean your gutters, they'll likely also check to make sure that everything is secure.

When you find that something is broken or loose, don't just add it to your to-do list; get it fixed as soon as possible so that you aren't left scrambling right before a storm.

Measure Your Downspouts

While you're cleaning and fixing your gutters, don't forget about your downspouts.

These rain spouts are what channel the water off your roof and down the side of your home. Where the water comes out is your downspout, which should always be located at least 3 feet away from your home.

If yours is located closer, consider moving it ahead of the storm season. A downspout too close to your home will cause water to pool, which could lead to damage or flooding in your home.

You can add a downspout extender or gutter water diverter to channel the water further away from your home.

Secure Outdoor Furniture

Another great way to protect not just your gutters but the rest of your home as well is to secure any outdoor furniture you have.

This will keep it from being blown into your home and damaging your gutters, downspouts, siding, or windows.

Prepping Your Gutter Downspout for Storm Season

If you've started prepping your gutter downspout for storm season and find yourself needing to repair or replace your gutters, we can help.

 Learn everything you need to know about replacing and maintaining your gutters.

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